Changes to Parking in City Lots


In light of ongoing construction and in recognition of the effect on the downtown area, Mayor Edwards and City Council have decided to waive the charge to park within the downtown for the remainder of 2019, effective August 1.  Mayor Edwards stated, “the upgrading of infrastructure and necessary road repairs is absolutely vital to maintaining a quality downtown, however, the City recognizes the negative effects this may have on attracting customers to our downtown businesses.  Because of this, we have collectively – City Administration and City Council – decided to expand our traditional parking holiday that occurs every December, to be in place August 1 through the rest of 2019.”  Council President Mike Aspacher added, “the City is investing millions of dollars into the downtown with this construction, but we should recognize the possibility that a project like this may be keeping some from visiting our stores and restaurants.  If removing the fee to park in a city lot makes it a little easier to visit our downtown during construction and helps the businesses, we ought to do that.”

The free parking will not include the on-street meters in front of the Wood County Courthouse on Court Street, between North Summit and North Prospect, the meters in the County Parking Lot, or Lot M located in the 100 block of Manville Ave.

While the charge for parking will be removed in designated spaces, all other parking regulations will remain in effect.  The time limits within the parking lots along with on-street parking, parking in handicapped spaces, prohibition of on-street parking in the downtown from 3:00 – 5:00 am, and other regulations will continue to apply and will be enforced.



Downtown Streets & Parking


Parking on the street

The time limit for on-street parking in the downtown district is 2-hours, unless otherwise posted.  Most on-street parking is free.

Lot: 1, 2, 3 & 4

There are two types of meters: 3-hour meters and 10-hour meters.

  • 3- hour meters have yellow heads & 3-hour meters are generally closer to the businesses

  • 10-hour meters have black heads. 10-hour meters are generally in the backs of the parking lots. 

Downtown address system

The intersection of Wooster and Main Streets marks the boundaries of East/West and North/South Street designations.  The odd and even street numbers change sides of the street at this intersection as well. 

Want a more detailed Map of Downtown Parking?

 Want a more detailed Map of Downtown Parking?

 Check out this map & highlight the type of meter you are looking for! 

Parking Concerns

If you notice an issue with the parking meters downtown contact Parking Services at 419-352-2571. 

If you want more information about parking related service our would like to contest a ticket, please click the button below.

Street Closures

 The following events are known to cause temporarily street closures:

Main Street:


Clough Street  (Prospect to Main Street):

  • Farmers' Market- May to October

*More specific instructions will be released closer to the event.