Downtown Dollars- Gift Certificate Program

What are Downtown Dollars?

  Downtown Dollars are gift certificates that come in $5, $10, or $20 increments, that are accepted by the merchants listed below. These certificates are perfect for holidays or as a thank-you!

Can I use Downtown Dollars anywhere?

Downtown Dollars can only be used at participating merchant locations only. See the sections below for information about where they are accepted!

*Downtown Dollars cannot be used on alcohol or tobacco products. 

There is no cost for merchants to accept them!

This program is paid for by Downtown Bowling Green. There is no extra cost for purchasing them and its free for merchants. They are reimbursed dollar for dollar! 

Shop Small & Local

By shopping local, you are investing in the local economy and ensuring that your money will stay in Bowling Green's community. 

Print the list

If you would like to print the list, scroll to the bottom of the page where it says: "Print The List" 

Where can I Purchase Downtown Dollars?

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Where can I spend my Downtown Dollars?

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Participating Merchants



Health & Beauty




Specialty Services


Site Content


Where can you buy Downtown Dollars?

 Calico, Sage & Thyme

115 Clay Street


Payment types: Cash or Check

For Keeps

144 S. Main Street


Payment types: Cash or Check

Downtown Bowling Green Office

(Four Corners Center)

130 S. Main Street


Payment types: Cash, Check or Credit Cards

*Checks can be written to:

BG Central Bus S.I.D., Inc.

Please bring a drivers license with the check.

Print the list

Downtown Dollar Merchant List (doc)


Are you a merchant who wants to accept Downtown Dollars?

If you aren't sure, take a look at the information below to see some facts about the program. If you're ready, then click the button below! 

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